Writing my first blog for February on the second day of February, but it seems fitting with the month and all.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks where I was able to focus on projects that are meaningful to me. Previously, I was trying to juggle a lot: meditation…

Happy birthday brother!

It’s crazy how this time last year feels like the final event of my 2020 before COVID hit. I remember the intertwined feeling of the weight of Kobe’s death as well as the celebration of my brother’s birthday.

Currently, still in the process of job searching. However, I have been much more motivated with the progress that I have been making. With my daily practice in many aspects of the data science interview, I hope to land a role I want with a company I care about within the next 2 months.

Good luck to me! As well as to everyone else!

I haven’t written here daily but I have come to realize that it’s pretty hard consistently doing something that isn’t the most “bettering”.

With that sentiment, I have decided to do this activity as I deem fit and continue doing those things which I have an active interest in.

Yesterday, I came up with a podcast idea with a group of friends and I really hope it will be able to take off in a similar way in which we imagined it.

I signed up to be tested to check if I could be a bone marrow donor. Ganbatte Paul.

Currently enjoying the holiday weekend, keeping up with the news, and studying for interviews lots.

The routine part of life is what keeps you sane, but also makes you yearn for more adventure (?)

It’s almost the weekend (3 day) and because of this schedule of tasks I have been keeping up, I am excited to use the time to the fullest.

My priority is to stay on track: with my job search and my current job responsibilities at hand.

Always rooting for you. Excelsior!

Hello you in the future.

Today was a similar day in regards to my routine. But lots of drama!!!

Getting into fights with your siblings — healthy every 1–2 months wouldn’t ya say?

Not much left in the day, but you got it! Good luck :’)

Getting stuff done one by one while keeping up my daily routine.

The best part of having a routine with so many different challenges undertaken is that I show myself that I can continuously moving forward.

Let’s keep pushing forward, especially with your career at this point in your life. Ganbatte.

As the day draws to a close, I am coming to appreciate myself for what I do for my life.

When it comes to love, there are many ways that this phenomenon occurs. With all the variability in life, one has to see then that love is not just the…

Today, I was much more productive in things I wanted to do as well as thing I have to do.

One of my close friends stopped by and we were able to catch up and hang out (go grocery shopping/walk my dog) as well as eat some In-N-Out. …

Where does the time fly…

Not the most productive of days, but was fun and relaxing! Here’s to enjoying :’)

Wonchan Kim

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