January 6, 2021

Today, I was so preoccupied with so many things.

  1. The electoral college certification process, the Georgia Senate run offs, and the riots that broke out in the midst of this process.
  2. Writing an application to be a Quest Fellow, listening to several episodes of The Quest, and looking up startups after feeling inspired while browsing various stories.
  3. My puppy, Cloy, just got spayed yesterday and we’ve been having to take care of her a bit extra.

Honestly though, point 2 was something that took up most of my time. It made me think about startups again. And when it comes to startups, I have such a yearning to join one that is “the right fit”, but I think it’s hard sometimes to justify these feelings.

Because of this, I appreciated the different questions that were part of the application. It helped me reevaluate various aspects of life while bringing out the fire for startups once again.

One thought that occurred to me while writing the application and just browsing around YC’s page in general was “$1 Million to Fail”, an experiment to see whether those in unconventional backgrounds could succeed just as those in more privileged backgrounds. I guess this is the essence of venture capitalism, but it’d be interesting to see if someone would invest in another merely by screening through questions, and not just a business idea.

Maybe once I make my first $1 billion, I’ll think about trying it out.